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Tracking Your Reading

New year, new pile of books to read -- and maybe some new book challenges, too. you may find it useful to track your reading this year.

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Arts Events at the Library this Summer

Summer Reading is well on its way, and with the Find Your Voice theme, now is the perfect time to get artsy at the library.

From writing poetry to folding origami to singing a song, art can take many forms. It's all about expressing yourself and creating something new!

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Find Your Voice 2023 Summer Reading

Find Your Voice in NPL's Summer Reading Challenge!

Come one, come all to the NPL Summer Reading Challenge, "Find Your Voice!" The goal is simple: to read every day. All ages can participate! Every type of reading, from digital content to magazines to books, counts, and for little ones who can't read yet, you can read TO them.

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Come Clubbing at NPL

Book clubbing, that is. (Though the other kind would also be amazing). NPL now offers several book club options if you want to deep dive into various kinds of reads or listens. Among these are:

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Get Creative with NPL!

Welcome to 2023! It's National Hobby Month as well as International Creativity Month, and we at NPL have plenty to spark your creativity this year. Ready to pick up a new-to-you hobby? Stop by our Create Joy display in the adult nonfiction section for some inspo.

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Summer Theatre at the Library

Book readers and theatregoers often overlap–they are all people who love a story. NPL staff are no exception, and we love bringing theatrical experiences into the library when we can. In the month of July, you have the chance to catch three free performances at your local library.

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Camp NPL 2022 Summer Reading

Welcome to Camp NPL!

Summer Reading 2022 has begun! Our theme this year is Camp NPL: Read Beyond the Beaten Path. We are exploring nature, the outdoors and summer camp-style fun activities.

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Talk Books at an NPL Book Club

Love to chat about books? Join one of NPL's book clubs for adults. For nonfiction lovers, we've got Stranger Than Fiction. Gain new knowledge every month in a fascinating read on a chosen topic, then come to discuss.

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Book Cover, The Proposal

Romance Me Book Club

Check out NPL's new romance book club! We'll be discussing mostly romantic fiction, along with some love-related nonfiction. 

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