NPL Foundation

Examples of What your Gift Could Provide

$15/Month A child's reward for co,peting a summary reading program.
$30/month A spool of 3D printer "ink" for the Teen MakerSpace.
$50/month Provides mobile hotspots for five families.
The Foundation's Purpose

At the Normal Public Library (NPL) Foundation, we know that you want to be an engaged and supportive community member. To do that, you need to participate in something that genuinely benefits and supports the community. The problem is that you are up against many local challenges: illiteracy, lack of internet access, unregistered voters, violent crime, and unemployment. So many community challenges can be overwhelming, but we believe that everyone deserves to be a productive contributor to the greater good.

We understand that it is hard to know how to help and make a difference, which is why we support the Normal Public Library, a community institution that has been making a difference for over 80 years. The Normal Public Library already enriches the quality of life for community residents by providing a free, public place where community members can research and apply for jobs, attend literacy and education classes, and participate in community events like registering to vote. Libraries also provide a safe space for teens, reduce crime, and provide free access to the internet which is essential in today’s world.

Unfortunately, in a world of tightening budgets, the library needs more support than what traditional funding can provide. The NPL Foundation is a community-based organization that raises funds to enhance the Normal Public Library. By making a recurring donation, you will help take the library from normal to extraordinary. You can also learn more about the work of the NPL Foundation and help spread the word so others can join you in your mission to contribute to the greater good. By partnering with the NPL Foundation you can stop worrying about how to make a positive difference in the community and instead know that you are helping to enrich the quality of life for tens of thousands of community residents.

The Normal Public Library Foundation is a non-profit organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) and your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Federal Tax ID # 45-3138846

Normal Public Library Foundation