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Tracking Your Reading

New year, new pile of books to read -- and maybe some new book challenges, too. you may find it useful to track your reading this year.

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Find Your Voice 2023 Summer Reading

Find Your Voice in NPL's Summer Reading Challenge!

Come one, come all to the NPL Summer Reading Challenge, "Find Your Voice!" The goal is simple: to read every day. All ages can participate! Every type of reading, from digital content to magazines to books, counts, and for little ones who can't read yet, you can read TO them.

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Best Reads of 2022

We surveyed our patrons and staff to see what books stood out as their best reads in 2022 and why. Then we put them on display! Looking for your next read? Start here with some listed below or peruse the display in person near our main floor service desk.

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What Should I Read Next?

Ahhh... no feeling like summer reading in the shade. We at Camp NPL are EMBRACING THIS, friends. But what if you can't find something to read? You know the struggle, especially if you're a mood reader. Everything that looked shiny and perfect on the NPL shelves won't quite do when you get home.

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Adult Reading Challenge 2022

Year-Round Adult Reading Challenge

On January 2, we kicked off 2022 with our first-ever Year-Round Reading Challenge for adults! Register on Beanstack to get started. You can start anytime, and while you won’t be able to log books for past months for this challenge, you’ll still be eligible for some prizes!
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