What Should I Read Next?

Ahhh... no feeling like summer reading in the shade. We at Camp NPL are EMBRACING THIS, friends. But what if you can't find something to read? You know the struggle, especially if you're a mood reader. Everything that looked shiny and perfect on the NPL shelves won't quite do when you get home. What to do?

We've got a few tips to get you back in the reading swing (literally and figuratively)! These are:

  • More is more. It's free to check out books from the library, so snag a selection next time you're in (not just one or two titles). Even if you usually read romance, pick up a mystery. Grab up some narrative (story-like) nonfiction in any subject area. Or pick up a cookbook to freshen your cocktail game or find recipes for fabulous homemade popsicles or smoothies. Dip your toes into the spooky, chilly horror pool, even if you normally don't venture into those creepy waters. It's much easier to find your current vibe when you've got lots of choices (this works on your e-reader, too).
  • Swap your formats. Normally a print fan? Playaways will keep you reading while you're on a bike ride, digging out the goggles and floaties, or watering your fabulous indoor / outdoor garden. Headed on vacay with the fam? Snag a book on audio via Libby or Hoopla, then stream it in the car. Can't do the voices ONE MORE TIME? Be sure the kids in your life have Wonderbooks, Playaways, or digital audio on deck too. Graphic novels are perfect for people of all ages when the print seems too tiny or your reading feels, well, reluctant. They're my personal fave for car rides since I can peruse those without feeling carsick. They come in all subjects and sizes, so try out a few.
  • Seek some inspo. In the mood for something VERY specific, like a mystery set in 1920s India or true crime involving national parks? Head to the NPL website and, under Resources, pull up Novelist. You can enter search terms or explore lists at left that might hold what you seek. Lots of podcasts provide book recommendations, including NPL's very own Check It Out. We've got lots of past episodes so you can start with what sounds most appealing. Be sure to look under 'Recommendations' on our website, too. We've got lots of books displayed. Or do what I always do: talk to a library person and ask for recommendations! There's nothing we love more than talking books and media. We'd love to help you out of your reading rut with an exciting new selection.
  • Got Big Action Plans? Reading makes those a reality. If you're headed to Yellowstone, we've got travel guides to help you plan your hikes. If you've always dreamt of diving with sharks, snag our scuba diving how-tos, load up on shark books, and find travel tips that will show you where to go for the best experiences. Stuck with a stay-cation? Theme it up: Grab a silly or serious pirate book, fiction or non-fiction, for any age, check out Pirates of the Caribbean, and get some pirate decor and food ideas from our events and cooking sections. 

The bottom line: reading of any kind (print, audio, graphic novels, you choose) will rock your summer at Camp NPL, at home, and on the road. Don't see what you want? Email me at kgarman@normalpl.org or use the 'Suggest an Item' form (under 'Find' on the website) so we can hook you up. In summertime, as Sam Cooke sang, the livin' is easy - and the reading can be, too!

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