Year-Round Adult Reading Challenge

On January 2, we kicked off 2022 with our first-ever Year-Round Reading Challenge for adults! Register on Beanstack to get started. You can start anytime, and while you won’t be able to log books for past months for this challenge, you’ll still be eligible for some prizes!

How It Works: Each month will have a theme that you will use to select your book for the month. Once you read the book you've chosen, log that book's title in Beanstack. You'll then be eligible to pick up that month's prize sticker at the front service desk. Each vinyl sticker has been designed by NPL's own graphic designer, so if you love the images we put out for our newsletters, website, and social media, you'll also love these! There’s also a prize drawing each month to win a gift card to a local business. At the end of 2022, if you've logged a book title for at least nine months of the year, you'll be eligible for the grand prize drawing!

Readers are also encouraged to sign up for a monthly newsletter with suggestions for that month's theme. Select the Year-Round Adult Reading Challenge on our NextReads sign up page to get the newsletter or view the current issue.

For readers 18 and older.

Sponsored by the Normal Public Library Foundation.

Monthly themes:
January — Read a book inspired by a fairy tale or folklore
February — Read a book by a contemporary Black author
March — Read a book that has won or been shortlisted for the Women’s Prize for Fiction
April — Read a book of poetry
May — Read a book about nature/the environment
June — Read a book by a transgender author
July — Read a romance novel about characters from a different cultural background than your own
August — Read a book in translation
September — Read a book that teaches you something new
October — Read a graphic novel
November — Read a book by a Native American author
December — Read a book about a person from a different religious background than your own



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