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Photo of a black man in a white tee shirt holding a mobile phone with landscape in the background

Tracking Your Reading

New year, new pile of books to read -- and maybe some new book challenges, too. you may find it useful to track your reading this year.

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hoopla music options

From CDs to Hoopla: There's Music for All!

Did you know the library still has music CDs available for check-out? Located just before the nonfiction books, near the printers, we have loads of CDs ready for borrowing. While my personal favorites are Broadway showtunes, there are music choices of all genres!

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circular table with a display of books

Best Reads of 2022

We surveyed our patrons and staff to see what books stood out as their best reads in 2022 and why. Then we put them on display! Looking for your next read? Start here with some listed below or peruse the display in person near our main floor service desk.

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Photo of octopus photo, scissors, yarn, thread, and other crafting materials

Get Creative with NPL!

Welcome to 2023! It's National Hobby Month as well as International Creativity Month, and we at NPL have plenty to spark your creativity this year. Ready to pick up a new-to-you hobby? Stop by our Create Joy display in the adult nonfiction section for some inspo.

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Photo of open book plus book stack, two lit candles, cozy throw, and pinecones by Photo by Olesia 🇺🇦 Buyar on Unsplash

Jolaboka... What?!? aka The Christmas Book Flood

Time for one of my favorite book-casions: Jolabokaflod. What's that, you say? It's the Christmas Book Flood and originated in Iceland. It's the tradition in this book-loving country to purchase books for one another which are given on Christmas Eve along with chocolate.

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Transparent Language Online

Transparent Language: 110 Languages at Your Fingertips

Planning a trip to Italy to celebrate your anniversary? Collaborating with your Chinese counterparts in your company’s Beijing branch? Just want to brush up that language you studied for four years in school, but somehow can’t seem to remember at all? We’ve got you covered.

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Image of Playaway device, Playaway container for The Parker Inheritance, and earbuds

Meet Your New Best Friend: Playaways

Got a tedious task? Need to exercise but find it dull? Long trip on the horizon? We’ve got the solution: a Playaway. Playaways are ultra-portable books on audio you can check out with your library card. There’s one audio ‘book’ per device, so load up on several!

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Photo of a bushel basket filled with apples carried by two people

Craft Your Fall Bucket List with NPL

Have you felt the crunch of leaves under your feet yet? If not, you will soon. It's time to make your fall bucket list! NPL has the resources to help you achieve those awesome autumn experiences. Check out the 10 examples below for a perfect fall!

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Ornate theater stage with closed red curtains

Summer Theatre at the Library

Book readers and theatregoers often overlap–they are all people who love a story. NPL staff are no exception, and we love bringing theatrical experiences into the library when we can. In the month of July, you have the chance to catch three free performances at your local library.

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