Meet Your New Best Friend: Playaways

Got a tedious task? Need to exercise but find it dull? Long trip on the horizon? We’ve got the solution: a Playaway. Playaways are ultra-portable books on audio you can check out with your library card. There’s one audio ‘book’ per device, so load up on several! We’ve got hundreds of Playaways by many authors and in lots of genres, including nonfiction, for adults, teens, and children. Controls are large and easy to operate and the device is light, so these are perfect for smaller hands, limited mobility, and low vision, as well as anytime you want to keep your hands free. Playaways require a set of earbuds / headphones and a triple AAA battery (not included). If you want to connect them in your car for a long commute, just provide your own aux cord and press ‘Play’ before you hit the road. Pick up some Playaways when:

  • You’ve got kids with different ages / interests on a long car ride, so everyone wants their own content;
  • You need to distract yourself during exercise;
  • You’ve got SO MUCH CLEANING to do, ugh;
  • Your spouse or roomie wants to Watch / Listen to the Game, but you aren’t such a fan;
  • And more!

You’ll find new Playaways at the end of our New Items section on the main floor (for teens and adults), while older Playways are across the room on the wall. For kids, Playaways are on the wall & across from the Books that Talk. Don’t see an author or kind of book you want? Please ask at the desk or email We add new Playaways monthly!

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