Browser Packs: Take the Library with You

Do you miss our main library building at 206 W. College yet? Yes, our wonderful annex across the street at 201 W. College is delightfully cute and beautifully stocked with a handful of new items in every format, staffed by the same smiling NPL faces you've come to know.

But: If you're one of our Mighty Browsers who longs for access to our older items, or wants everything fiction and nonfiction for adults & kids for your upcoming summer vacation... FRIENDS. DO I HAVE A DEAL FOR YOU.

Have you requested a Normal Public Library Browser Pack? If not, this is one of the magical keys that will unlock your access to your (library) heart's desire. You can find the click-able link to the Browser Pack request right on NPL's homepage under the search bar link. (See the image with the red arrow on this post). Once you click the Browser Pack link on our homepage, you'll be taken to a form where you can specify items you want for a particular mood, interest, or destination for up to four people in your household.

Fill out the form with whatever you have in mind: Travel tips to the Grand Canyon. The BEST heists fictional and nonfictional in print and on-screen. A combo platter of items on how to scuba dive, where to scuba dive, and what you might see under the water. The topical limits? 1) 30 items per browser pack, filled with; 2) Items that are in our collection; 3) That you have a valid / updated library card to pick up. You can even specify MULTIPLE themes or readers or watchers for whom you want material.

Let me give you an example: You're mad keen to go to Ireland and want travel guides, detective fiction set in Ireland, and a grand film to give you an idea of what you might see while you're there. Your partner, on the other hand, is OBSESSED with all things golf: Where to golf, how to golf, who has golfed, you get the picture. And your kiddo doesn't even hear you unless you say, "Pikachu! Cyndaquil! Totodile!" or other Pokemon words and phrases. Just fill out your browser request form for each reader / watcher / video game player, up to four individuals, and we at NPL will do the rest.

We'll thoughtfully hand-choose materials that match the wishes & age level of each person specified, check them out to you on your valid library card, and notify you when they're ready for pick-up. YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO GET OUT OF YOUR CAR. Just call us via Curb-It or pull around to Lane 1 in the drive-through at 201 W. College, flash your library card, and we'll bring them right to your vehicle and load them in. Before you come, though, wait for the email that lets you know that your stuff is ready for pick-up. Can't come the day you get the email? No problem. You have up to a week to snag your hand-picked items.

Got a specific title in mind? It's still best to place THAT directly on hold via our library catalog using your D0.... number and pin. But if you've got a mood - a plan - a dream in mind, order your browser pack TODAY. We can't wait to make your library material wishes come true!


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