Behind the Scenes with Home Delivery

Did you know Normal Public Library offers home delivery? This service is for residents who find it difficult to leave their homes without assistance. This can be because of age, illness, accident, disability, or any other reason keeping you from visiting the library.

Come behind the scenes on a delivery run, and check out all the preparation beforehand!

On Mondays and Tuesdays, I make lots and lots of phone calls, to individuals as well as to Activities Directors at some nursing homes. Some folks have very specific titles they are looking for, and others just want me to pick something interesting!

I pull books or other materials, ranging from just one to more than a dozen for each person, based on their response. Debbie Macomber and Janet Evanovich are probably the most popular author requests.

The items go in cloth bags, labeled with the route and the individual's name on a luggage tag. The tags are even color-coordinated, so each nursing home has a designated color! Blair House is blue, Evergreen Village is green, etc.

By Wednesday, my desk is crowded with bags of books. There are two delivery routes, dividing Normal approximately in half, and I deliver to each route on alternating weeks.

Another staff member comes with me to help for these Wednesday morning deliveries. While we are already out and about, we also empty the remote drop boxes around town. Then, we just drive around, to individuals' homes and the nursing homes in Normal, delivering and picking up previous weeks' library materials. 

I like to listen to a shuffle of showtunes while driving, but by far the best part is getting to interact with the patrons. Everyone is delighted for a delivery of their bag of books, and I get to know these patrons more closely than I would in the typical library setting.

If you can't come to the library, the library is happy to come to you via our home delivery service! Call the library at 309-451-1757 or fill out this form on our website.

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