Library Card Policy

Normal Public Library—Library Card Policy


Free library cards are available to all residents of and/or property owners in the Town of Normal. Individuals must present photo identification and verification of their current address. Acceptable forms of photo identification and proof of address include driver‘s license, state ID, passport or green card. Other acceptable proof of address include utility bill, signed lease agreement, personalized checks, proof of property ownership in the Town of Normal, postmarked mail (within last 30 days), and proof of current residency in a residence hall.



A parent or legal guardian’s signature is required for any one under the age of eighteen to acquire a library card. By signing the registration form, parents/legal guardians acknowledge responsibility for the items borrowed, fees incurred and children's access of content in any form.


Patron Responsibilities

Account holders agree to obey all the rules and regulations of Normal Public Library, to pay promptly all fees charged to the account, and to provide immediate notice to library staff of any change of address and/or contact information.

Library staff are authorized to bill cardholders for lost, missing and/or damaged items, and to contract with a collection agency to collect on delinquent accounts. Items with a missing or damaged piece will be charged full replacement cost. All lost, missing, and/or damaged items will be billed a full replacement cost. Accounts with an aggregate value of $200 or more not resolved via the collections process may be reported to the Normal Police Department and pursued via (720 ILCS 5/16-3).

In order to check out materials patrons must present a library card or photo ID. All items on reserve must be checked out to the account on which they were reserved.

A patron may use only their library card (user ID) for computer access. Use of a library card (or user ID) other than one's own is prohibited.


Organizations and Businesses

Organizations and businesses located within the corporate limits of the Town of Normal may obtain a free library card for users authorized by the organization or business. The organization or business must sign a registration form to acknowledge that they are liable and financially responsible for all transactions charged to each library card it has authorized, including, but not limited to, charges for overdue, lost, or damaged materials. Accounts for organizations and businesses must be approved by library management.



Non-residents living in areas unserved by a public library may purchase a non-resident library card at the public library located within the non-resident‘s school district (per State of Illinois guidelines).

Non-residents must present acceptable photo identification (see above) and verification of address. The non-resident fee will be calculated annually.

Residents of areas served by a public library - such as Bloomington - must first establish an account at her or his home public library prior to creating an account at Normal Public Library.

Resource Sharing Alliance
Normal Public Library is a member of the Resource Sharing Alliance. Normal Public Library‘s account holders may use their cards at any other public library within the Resource Sharing Alliance, including those in Hudson, Towanda, Carlock, Danvers, and Heyworth. Library card holders from any of the other public libraries in the Resource Sharing Alliance may also use their library cards at the Normal Public Library.


Lost Cards

Lost or stolen library cards must be reported immediately to library staff. There is no charge to replace a library card. Cardholders are responsible for items charged to a library card until it is reported lost or stolen.


Approved by the Board of Trustees of Normal Public Library on March 24, 2010; Amended January 28, 2015; August 26, 2015; May 29, 2019; February 15, 2023; February 26, 2024.

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