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The Great Courses are crafted for lifelong learners, with engaging, immersive learning experiences you can’t get in a lecture hall.  The courses are taught by professors, teachers, and subject experts and include topics like history, hobbies, literature, humanities and sciences, lifestyle, and skills. Each course is broken into multiple easy-to-watch video lessons so you can choose how much you want to learn at a time from a wide a range of topics. With The Great Courses, there's never any homework, tests, or pressure – just in-depth instruction from some of the world's greatest professors.

Accessing The Great Courses Library Collection is available in a couple different ways from NPL. 
Hoopla—Borrow the Great Courses Library Collection BingePass for access to hundreds of the most popular courses. Use one borrow to access one or multiple courses. BingePasses offer unlimited access for 7 days. 


Kanopy—Select up to two of The Great Courses video lecture series to watch each month. You have 30 days to view every video in the course. These don't count against your 5 monthly borrows in Kanopy.

Libby—Access The Great Courses Library Collection through the Libby app or website for 7 days of unlimited access. Use the Libby app or website any time you want another 7-day pass.

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