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Age: Adults


Local author Mark Wyman presents on Normal in the WWI Era.

During this era, and especially in the years immediately following the war, Normal began to move significantly away from Jesse Fell's earlier outlines for the community. While the ban on alcohol remained firmly in place, the openness to African Americans began to weaken as racial segregation spread. Life at Illinois State Normal University (ISNU) reflected some of the era's other changes as well. 

A distinguished professor of history, emeritus, at Illinois State University, Mark Wyman has written several books on immigration and the American West. 

This event is part of our World War I Speaker Series that runs from September 2017 to December 2018. 

Series Schedule:

November 7, 7pm - Bill Kemp on McLean County Home Front During World War I

January 18, 7pm - Paul Holsinger on Normal and Illinois State Normal University during the war years

January 30, 7pm - Mike Matejka on the history of transportation in Normal and its ramifications on the war effort

February 27, 7pm - Janice Harrington on the art and war experiences of Horace J. Pippin

March 4, 2pm - Mark Wyman on Normal in the WWI era

November 8, 7pm - Bill Davison & Ruth Cobb on local community gardening and food needs during the Great War