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Age: Adults


Join us each month in 2018 for our World War I Film Series on the third Wednesday at 6:30pm. *Please note that in November, the film will be shown on the 2nd Wednesday.


January 17: A Bear Named Winnie, rated PG, 1 hr, 30 min
True story of a Canadian soldier who rescues a bear cub and names it Winnie.

February 21: In Love and War, rated PG-13, 1 hr, 53 min
True story of Ernest Hemingway’s romance with a Red Cross nurse. 

March 21: Paths of Glory, unrated, for adults, 1 hr, 27 min
Classic anti-war film about trench warfare in France, 1916, leading to a court martial.

April 18: The Wipers Times, unrated, for mature audiences, 1 hr, 32 min
WWI soldiers find a printing press and use it to print a newspaper to raise their spirits. 

May 16: Flyboys, rated PG-13, 2 hrs, 20 min
American aviators in France.

June 20: Beneath Hill 60, rated R, 2 hrs, 20 min
True story of Australian miners who tunnel under German fortifications in Belgium.

July 18: Passchendaele, rated R, 1 hr, 54 min
Canadian troops at home and in war, including the famous Battle of Passchendaele.

August 15: The Water Diviner, rated R, 1 hr, 51 min
An Australian father searches for his three soldier sons on the battlefields of Turkey.

September 19: Testament of Youth, rated PG-13, 2 hrs, 9 min
Based on the memoir of Vera Brittain, a look at the true costs of war among the youth of a generation.

October 17: Wonder Woman, rated PG-13, 2 hrs, 21 min
Superhero fantasy set in WWI, partly based on the legend of the Angel of Mons about a specific battle in No Man’s Land. 

November 14: The Lost Battalion, rated TV-14, 1 hr, 32 min
Based on the true story of soldiers trapped in the Argonne Forest, and the valiant carrier pigeon Cher Ami. 

December 19: Joyeux Noel, rated PG-13, 1 hr, 54 min
Based on the true story of a Christmas Eve truce on the Western Front in 1914. Subtitles.