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Age: Kids

Visit the library for stories told by principals and staff at Unit 5 schools. Each participating school will have a night with one featured guest reader. All Unit 5 Reads events begin at 6:30 in the Book Nook.

Check the schedule* for your school (but come anytime!)

January 25 - Mr. Cooper from Oakdale
January 29 - Mrs. Backe from Glenn
February 8* - Mrs. Thomas from Colene Hoose
*rescheduled from February 5
February 15 - Mr. Harr from Northpoint
February 22 - Mrs. Schoonover from Fox Creek
February 28 - Mr. Peters from Prairieland
March 1 - Mrs. Delgado from Carlock
March 5 - Mrs. Ellis from Pepper Ridge
March 6 - Mrs. Gibler from Sugar Creek
March 8 - Mr. Vogel from Towanda
April 19 - Mrs. Harrison from Fairview
April 24 - Mr. Myers from Hudson
April 30 - Mrs. Edwards from Grove

*schedule is subject to change