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The McLean County Arts Center is pleased to present the Spring 2019 Normal Public Library Workshops. Funded by a grant from the Normal Public Library Foundation and the McLean County Arts Center, this workshop series is organized by the McLean County Arts Center and hosted by the Normal Public Library. 

Workshops are free and open to the public. Online pre-registration is required through McLean County Arts Center's website. This class is for teens and adults.

For more information or to register please click here.

Temari is a decorative folk art from Japan, used in the past to make toys. Nowadays, Temari is used not only for toys, but for beautiful gifts and decorations. Participants will receive a partially finished Temari ball to finish wrapping with thread. After marking the wrapped ball with stitching guidelines, each person will begin to stitch their chosen pattern. Instructor Heather Evert is certified by the Japan Temari Association.