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Age: Adults
Registration for this event has closed.
This event is part of a series. Visit the first event in the series to register.

We will be making a necklace pendant out of resin and your own personal mini keepsakes. This is a two-part class. Part one is on May 22. Part two is on May 29. You must attend part one in order to have a piece to work with for the part two class.

For adults ages 18 and up.

Registration is required and space is limited. Registration begins April 15 at 9:00 am.

Participants are asked to bring miniature items that you don't mind crafting with. Items will be embedded into the pendant. Items should be smaller than 1/2 inch, but you may bring more than one item.

This two-part class will also be held on May 1 & 8 and on May 7 & 14. Please only register for one set of classes.