The Normal Public Library has been a regular part of my family’s life: ranging from books for adults that my husband and I check out, to the summer reading program and gazillion books my children have read, to the many audiobooks that have accompanied us on road trips from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to Yosemite National Park.

We have been visiting the Normal Public Library for 23 years now. I have many fond memories, but three in particular stand out. First, I recall many summers of reading programs, which always included “Floats & Funnies” --  being able to sit with our kids on that cold floor watching old cartoons and eating ice cream, hearing them giggle at the ridiculous antics on the screen. Second, I recall maneuvering myself up the small ladder of the treehouse in order to read stacks and stacks of books. This happened with my daughter who was too young to participate in the program and then later with both my children after the program activities were done for the morning. Third, I recall sadly telling my daughter that instead of flying to Texas we were going to have to drive but that I would check out some books for us to listen to along the way. She responded with “Yes!”

My family had developed a culture of loving to be together and read (or listen) to a good book. Thank you Normal [Public Library] for providing the space and resources that helped to build our family.