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An Inside Look
Monday, January 17, 2022
7-8 pm at Heartland Theatre

An Inside Look, a collaboration between Normal Public Library and Heartland Theatre Company, will provide a behind-the-scenes view of producing Life Sucks, by  Aaron Posner, directed by Liz Fisher. An Inside Look takes place on Monday, January 17, 7-8 pm, at Heartland Theatre, in the Community Activity Center at 1110 Douglas St., Normal, the building to the north of the circular drive at One Normal Plaza.

Life Sucks, by Aaron Posner, is a loose adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s tragicomedy, Uncle Vanya. This funny and insightful play examines a strange assortment of characters, all afloat on a sea of despair, searching and thrashing about for love’s deliverance. All are in love but with the unattainable. Beauty and mystery are sought—that special glimmer of light that one desperately wants, but cannot quite capture.

Director Liz Fisher is an interdisciplinary theatre artist based in Austin, Texas, and a guest director at Heartland Theatre this season. She will be joined by the production’s designers and staff in a panel discussion. Normal Public Library staff will also present library materials related to the play and its source material. The play itself opens February 3 at Heartland Theatre, and runs through February 19.

Masks are required for this in-person event at the theatre.

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