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We're offering three genealogy research presentations this fall. The classes are all self-contained, so please come to whichever ones interest you.

October 3 - 10 Ways to Be A Better Ancestor

The genealogist nightmare: What will happen to all my work when I am gone? What would you like your own ancestors to have done to make your job easier? These are the questions that will be answered by our guest speaker professional Genealogist Paul Enchelmayer .

October 25 - The Deceptive Ancestor: Separating Family Fiction from Fact

Paul will be using a case study to demonstrate how to spot fiction from fact, as he continues to share information on genealogy research.

November 29 Now on December 11 at 2:00 pm - 10 More Ways to Be a Better Ancestor

Come and join Professional Genealogist Paul Enchelmayer for his final installment of his Genealogy research lessons.