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Age: Adults

Dr. Ellis Hurd's new book, The Reflexivity of Pain and Privilege, offers a fresh and critical perspective to people of indigenous and/or marginalized identifications. It highlights the research, shared experiences and personal stories, and the artistic collections of those who are of mixed heritage and/or identity, as well as the perspectives of young adolescents who identify as being of mixed racial, socio-economic, linguistic, and ethno-cultural backgrounds and experiences. These auto-ethnographic collections serve as an impetus for the untold stories of millions of marginalized people who may find solace here and in the stories of others who are of mixed identity.

Ellis Hurd, Ed.D. (2008), is Professor of Education at Illinois State University. He has published on education, equity and cultural responsiveness, and mixed identities, and is co-editor of Equity and Cultural Responsiveness in the Middle Grades (Information Age Publishing, 2019).

This event is sponsored by the Normal Public Library Foundation.