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Age: Adults

This free workshop explores: benefits, challenges, and misconceptions of credit. Offered by Camaya Wallace Bechard, Consumer Economics Educator from University of Illinois Extension.

For more information, please contact Consumer Economics Educator Camaya Wallace Bechard or 309-663-8306 

Presented by: University of Illinois • United States Department of Agriculture · Local Extension Councils Cooperating University of Illinois Extension provides equal opportunities in programs and employment. 
If you need reasonable accommodation to participate in this program, please contact Camaya Wallace Bechard or 309-663-8306.

This workshop is a repeat of our March 6 event including a few additional details about Identity Theft and Data Breach. Data breaches and identity theft have become very prevalent. Cybercriminals and other scammers continue to develop sophisticated software and techniques to commit fraud. Regardless of demographic characteristics such as educational level, marital status, or income, anyone can become targets and experience financial exploitation.