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Contra Dance Workshops 

  • All levels of experience and abilities welcome 
  • Free
  • No partner necessary

Contra dancing has been around since the 1700s. If you don't know it — it's kind of like square dancing but with long lines of dancers. A caller first explains the movements and then prompts you during the dance.

Contra dancing is a wonderful opportunity to socialize with others. It is easily accommodated for people with ASD or other social/sensory issues. So you can participate without needing to talk, touch or make eye contact, unless you want to. The dance is a repetition of various patterns that are walked. So no fancy Michael Jackson moves are required. You dance with a partner, but that can be anybody in the dance! We are just getting started and everyone will have to learn what to do. Fortunately, we have a professional caller, Martha Tyner, who will help us.

Sponsored by the Normal Public Library Foundation.