To see your fines, you can click on the “Review My Account” link from the main My Account page.

Under the Account Summary, you’ll see “Bills.”  You can click on Bills to get detailed information on any items that you owe money on. In general, books are only 10 cents per day overdue. Other items carry larger fines per day. It is always best practice to return or renew items prior to the due date. The account holder has sole responsibility to honor due dates and return items in a timely manner. Accounts unresolved in 30 days with balances $50 and over will be sent to a library collections service primarily to secure public library materials, fines, and fees. Any account sent to collections will incure a $10 referral fee to recapture that cost for the library. Please be aware that the library offers a fine free account for those age 60 and over.

A library account with $20 or more in total fines and fees (including long overdue items) will have library privileges blocked until such time as the account is resolved.

Item Fine Per Day Maximum Fine
Print Material $.10 $5.00
Audiobooks/CDs $.10 $5.00
New Adult Fiction $.10 $5.00
Console Games $.10 $5.00
Magazines $.10 $5.00
DVDs $.25 $5.00
Roku $1.00 $25.00
WiFi Hotspot $3.00 $50.00