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Age: Adults


Using the WWI service records collection created by Angeline Milner, first librarian of Illinois State (Normal) University, attendees will learn about Angeline’s work to document ISNU’s war service effort and about the 100-year old collection of WWI posters that Angeline Milner collected.

The presentation will focus on the women Angeline documented in her collection including those who briefly detoured from their teacher training and traveled overseas to serve as nurses and YMCA canteen workers, as well as how Angeline Milner used posters to Answer the Call on ISNU’s campus. Today the posters are regularly used in a variety of courses through the University and their digitized versions are accessed worldwide via an official partnership with the federal Government Publishing Office. Presented by Angela Bonnell and April Anderson.

Angela Bonnell is the Government Documents Librarian at Illinois State University.

April Anderson is the University Archivist at Illinois State University.


This event is part of our World War I Speaker Series that runs from September 2017 to December 2018. 

Series Schedule:

November 7, 7pm - Bill Kemp on McLean County Home Front During World War I

January 18, 7pm - Paul Holsinger on Normal and Illinois State Normal University during the war years

January 30, 7pm - Mike Matejka on the history of transportation in Normal and its ramifications on the war effort

February 27, 7pm - Janice Harrington on the art and war experiences of Horace J. Pippin

March 4, 2pm - Mark Wyman on Normal in the WWI era

April 12, 7pm - Angela Bonnell & April Anderson on Angeline Milner's WWI War Service

November 8, 7pm - Bill Davison & Ruth Cobb on local community gardening and food needs during the Great War