Planning for a New Library

Why We Need a New Library

When we say that we’re “out of space,” patrons and community members might expect to see book shelves crowded in with books overflowing. The truth is that if the library felt that overcrowded, patrons would not like being here. So instead of overfilling our space, we maintain a collection that is significantly smaller than what we’d like to have. We add fewer items and remove more items than we would if we had adequate space to house them.

And libraries are certainly not just about books anymore! We would love to have more space to offer for library activities, community use, group meetings, additional technology, and more.

We also want our patrons to be able to park and get to the library safely and comfortably. At this time, many patrons have expressed dissatisfaction with our limited on-site parking. While it’s great to have the College Avenue parking deck as an option for our patrons, many feel that the trip from the deck to the library can be difficult, especially with small children.

Updates to the Current Facility

It’s true that we have made many improvements to the library recently. The fact is that moving to a new library will take quite a while and it’s important to us to have a building that patrons continue to enjoy in the meantime.

The recent work that we have done to the library has all been on a limited budget – we’ve tried to make the most impact possible for the least money by moving a few walls and adding new paint.

And, whenever possible, our updates have been made with an eye to a future building. Our book sorter will move with us to any new location and we have purchased shelving that can move with us as well.

Will the Library Stay Uptown or Move Somewhere Else?

There are definite opportunities and challenges involved in each of these options.

We are reviewing both options thoroughly to make sure that we are building the best library possible for our patrons and our community.

Further Information

Conceptual Site Plan
This plan is not related to any specific site.

Minimum Site Requirements for a New Facility
Board of Trustees, July 2015

Uptown 2.0 Plan

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