Health Resources

General Sites

The American Cancer Society

Helpful information for cancer patients and family.


American Dietetic Association

Your link to nutrition and health.


American Medical Association

General medical information including articles from JAMA.


Brain Disorders Network

BrainNet distributes information related to the central nervous system.



Center for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC offers credible information to make health decisions.



Information source for the clinical trials industry.


Clinical Trials

A comprehensive registry of all clinical trials for serious illnesses provided by the National Institutes of Health.


Harvard Medical School

Consumer health information.



From the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, this searchable site links consumers to health publications, groups, organizations, and information on medical conditions. The site features a Spanish version and a kid’s section.


Health on the Net (HON)

This search engine and directory includes a worldwide selection of medical resources. The site is available in French.


HealthWorld Online

This site is a “virtual health village” where you can access information, products, and services to help create a wellness-based lifestyle. The site includes an extensive alternative medicine section.



Health information from the National Library of Medicine.


The mission of is to help people find the answers and the support they need to manage illness and stay healthy. Updated daily, the site offers articles on illnesses and diseases, drugs, first aid, and more.



This site provides an online medical library and the Physician Finder, a tool for locating doctors who are members of the American Medical Association.


Merck Manuals

The Merck Manuals are one of the world’s most widely used medical information resources. Find information on medical topics, symptoms, drugs, procedures, news and more, written in everyday language.


National Library of Medicine

World’s largest medical library.



This site offers searchable information on diseases and conditions, genetics, drugs and herbs, pregnancy, and healthy living issues such as nutrition and exercise.


Mental Health

Internet Mental Health

This site offers information on mental health disorders, diagnoses, research, treatments, and more.


Mental Help Net

This searchable site lists symptoms and treatments of mental health problems, and it provides links to newsgroups, articles, and mailing lists.


Prescription Drugs

Physician’s Desk Reference

You can search this site for prescription drug information.


RxList: The Internet Drug Index

You can search this site for prescription drug information even if you don’t know exactly how to spell the name of the drug.


Associations and Organizations

National Health Information Center

This site provides links to organizations and associations devoted to specific health issues.

Journal Articles


PubMed provides citations for medical journal articles. The articles are designed for medical professionals and use technical language. PubMed does not provide the full text of articles, but you can use the citation information to request the articles from the library.