Ribbit, Ribbit, Ribbit! Books About Frogs


green_wilmaGreen Wilma by Ted Arnold

Waking up with a frog-like appearance, Wilma proves disruptive at school as she searches for some tasty flies.


five_green_and_speckled_frogsFive Green and Speckled Frogs by Constanza Basaluzzo

Five frog friends are hungry and hot. Count and sing along with this funny favorite.


frogsFrogs by Nic Bishop

Nic Bishop’s photographs show all different kinds of frogs, big ones, very tiny ones, frogs with beautiful colors of skin, and one frog you can see inside of.


frog_and_friendsFrog and Friends by Eve Bunting

Frog and his friends are alarmed by a strange object that appears on his pond, share a thoughtful–if scratchy–gift, and meet a hippopotamus that has run away from the zoo. Other books in the Frog and Friends series include Outdoor Surprises, Party at the Pond, and Frog’s Flying Adventure.


lizards_frogs_and_polliwogsLizards, Frogs, and Polliwogs: Poems and Paintings by Douglas Florian

A collection of humorous poems about such reptiles and amphibians as the glass frog, the gecko, and the rattlesnake.


frog_songFrog Song by Brenda Z. Guiberson

Discusses frog vocalizations and behavior in locations all over the world.


big_wide-mouthed_frogThe Big Wide-Mouthed Frog by Ana Martín Larrañaga

A big wide-mouthed frog asks every creature he meets what they like to eat, but when he meets a crocodile he doesn’t like the crocodile’s answer.


frog_and_toadFrog and Toad Are Friends by Arnold Lobel

From writing letters to going swimming, telling stories to finding lost buttons, Frog and Toad are always there for each other–just as best friends should be.Other Frog and Toad books include Frog and Toad All Year, Days With Frog and Toad, and Frog and Toad Together.


froggyFroggy Gets Dressed by Jonathan London

Rambunctious Froggy hops out into the snow for a winter frolic but is called back by his mother to put on some necessary articles of clothing. Froggy has lots of other adventures for you to read after you finish this one!


croaky_pokeyThe Croaky Pokey! by Ethan Long

Frogs sing and do their own version of the Hokey Pokey.



one_frog_sangOne Frog Sang by Shirley Parenteau

Introduces the numbers one through ten as more and more frogs join in the evening song. Count on these frogs for a luminous read-aloud bursting with lyrical sound play and visual surprises.


frogs_they_are_amazing_amphibiansFrogs!: They Are Amazing Amphibians by TIME for Kids

Get the inside scoop on the world’s most fascinating creatures! Find out how a tadpole turns into a frog, see a frog catch its dinner,  and discover the differences between frogs and toads. Learn more than forty fun facts about these amphibians.


little_quack_new_friendLittle Quack’s New Friend by Lauren Thompson

When a frog invites five ducklings to play, four refuse because he is too little and green, but Little Quack has so much fun with his new friend that the other ducklings soon join in.


I’m ai'm_a_frog Frog by Mo Willems

Piggie introduces his reluctant friend, Gerald the elephant, to the wonderful world of pretend.