Hello, Baby!


berenstain_bears_baby_makes_fiveThe Berenstain Bears and Baby Makes Five by Stan and Jan Berenstain

Sister Bear is upset by all the attention her new baby sister is receiving.


berenstain_bears'_new_babyThe Berenstain Bears’ New Baby by Stan and Jan Berenstain

Small Bear outgrows the bed his father made him when he was a baby–and none too soon.


big_brothers_don't_take_napsBig Brothers Don’t Take Naps by Louise Borden

Little brother Nick lists all the wonderful things his big brother does with him, preparing him to greet the new baby in the family.


arthur_and_the_babyArthur and the Baby by Marc Brown

Arthur is not sure he is happy about the new baby in the family, but when his sister asks for his help in handling the baby, Arthur feels much better.


i'm_a_big_brotherI’m a Big Brother by Joanna Cole

A child eagerly welcomes home his new baby brother.



my_new_babyMy New Baby by Rachel Fuller

A new addition to the family is exciting, but the experience can also be worrying and confusing for siblings. Coping with the new situations and emotions that arise can be very challenging.


waiting_for_babyWaiting for Baby by Rachel Fuller

The arrival of a new sibling can be a confusing and frustrating time for a toddler. This book offers help to prepare them for the downfalls and delights of having a younger brother or sister.


you're_getting_a_baby_brotherYou’re Getting a Baby Brother by Sheila Higginson

You’re Getting a Baby Sister by Sheila Higginson

Describes all the feelings an older brother or sister might have when a new baby boy enters the family.


pinky_and_rex_and_the_new_babyPinky and Rex and the New Baby by James Howe

When Rex’s parents adopt a baby, she tries to be the perfect big sister. The trouble is, it’s a lot of work and it doesn’t leave time for much else–like her best friend, Pinky.


baby_in_the_houseBaby in the House by David Marx

Eve is not sure how she feels when a new baby arrives in the house, but she soon learns that being a sister can be fun.


the_new_babyThe New Baby by Mercer Mayer

The new baby takes some getting used to, but she’s worth it.


the_new_baby2The New Baby by Mary Packard

A boy is a little jealous of his new baby brother until mommy gives him a hug and the new baby gives him a smile.