ARKS – Adults Reading Kids’ Stuff

Grownups like prizes, too, right? Well, at the Normal Public Library, adults can earn prizes for reading children’s books!

The ARKS program offers you a great opportunity to re-read childhood favorites, find new gems, and catch up on what your kids are reading.

Read with your kids, or on your own. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have a kid to join!

Getting Started

Register for ARKS – Adults Reading Kids’ Stuff and track your reading once you’ve registered.

The ARKS program runs every summer as part of the Summer Reading Program.  Check out our calendar for registration dates.

Adults (18 years and older) can register in the Children’s Department or online.

When you register, you’ll get a sheet to keep track of your reading.  You’ll read from different categories, like Award Books, Poetry, and Fiction.  The categories are purposely broad so that you’ll have lots of books to choose from.

Earning Prizes

You’ll win prizes after you finish 5 books, 15 books, and 25 books.

When you finish 25 books, you’ll also be entered into our Grand Prize Raffle.  There are tons of prizes and tons of winners each summer!

Our Sponsors

We couldn’t do this program without our generous sponsors.  We hope you’ll take the time to visit their businesses and let them know how much you appreciate what they do.

Want to sponsor the program?  Contact Tori Melican at or at 309-454-4668 to find out how!