Game Day tomorrow

Posted by kacates on April 12, 2011


Just a reminder that our monthly game day is tomorrow afternoon from 4 to 6.  We'll meet up downstairs in the Community Room for snacks, Rock Band, Dance Dance Revolution, and lots of board games.  See you there!

Make your own magnetic poetry

Posted by kacates on March 2, 2011


Why bother spending money on a store-bought kit? Come join us at Teen Craft Club for some creative, poetic fun as we construct our very own sets of magnetic poetry – perfect for the fridge, your school locker, and tons of other metallic surfaces.  We're meeting this coming Monday, February 7 from 4 to 5:30 in the Community Room.  I've got lots of magnet tape, plus old magazines that you can cut up to create whatever words or images you desire.  See you there!


TAC meeting and pass-around stories!

Posted by kacates on February 22, 2011

Just a reminder that our regular Teen Advisory Council meeting will be held this Thursday from 4:00 to 5:30 downstairs in the board room. If you've never been to a TAC meeting before, you're more than welcome to stop by and see what it's all about! This meeting would be an especially good one to check out, since we'll be doing everyone's favorite, Pass-Around Stories. For those who don't have a clue what Pass-Around Stories are, they're basically stories that are written a sentence or paragraph at a time by each member of the group. We all start with the same sentence picked at random from a nearby book, and then for the next minute we write a story before passing it on to the next person to be continued. Keep reading below for a sample from a previous TAC meeting of how crazy these stories can get after they've been around the whole group.

The Goddess Selene, the Sacred Cat, and Cubed Cheese (A TAC Pass-Around Story)

In ancient times it was said that the goddess Selene helped my grandma in my room with a cat that eats chicken and drinks dew. She was giving the cat a bath. The cat was a god of Egypt, both powerful and regal. Needless to say he did not enjoy being treated as a house pet. In a great and terrible voice he said, “Who dares try to bathe the sacred cat of Nefertiti?”

“Holy smokes! You can speak!” said the elderly woman. “You better be quiet and behave, the sooner you shut up, the sooner your bath is over!” she shouted at the cat.

Suddenly, the cat of Nefertiti leapt out of the tub and bolted down the stairs. He quickly turned and shouted something in an unknown language, when mummies burst out from the floorboards.

“Egads! There were bodies in the floorboards!” the woman said, quite surprised.

“That there is,” said a divine voice, “and I will tell you why there is. It all started when a mad scientist named Dr. Rockso Ocupico Manish-Rickito La Vernon von Benjamin decided to experiment with rabbits. He pulled their ears and fed them placebo carrots which they did not like. They turned intelligent, beat Dr. Rockso Ocupico Manis-Rickito La Vernon von Benjamin with the placebo carrot until tender. They then put the meat in a blender and cut until cubed. And that is how you make cubed cheese.”

Cubed cheese is a disgusting substance that only the bravest demons dare to eat. And this is how to END a story!

The End

Beautiful, huh?  So if you'd like to have a share in making literary history, come on out to TAC this Thursday and get ready to write!

Manga Anime Club

Posted by kacates on February 15, 2011


After having our last MAC meeting canceled by the great Blizzaster of '11, we're finally getting back together for some great anime tonight from 4:30 to 6:00 in the NPL Community Room.  We'll be watching more episodes of Emma and Black Cat, as well as downing lots of post-Valentine's Day candy (plus a few healthier options, too).  See you all there!

Teen Craft Club: Valentine's/UnValentine's Day cards

Posted by kacates on February 7, 2011

Hi all, just a reminder that the Teen Craft Club is meeting TODAY from 4 to 5:30 in the community room for our February craft. This time around, I've got all the card-making supplies you could ever want for making Valentine's Day cards for your friends. Or, if you'd prefer, UN-Valentine's Day cards saying how much you think the holiday stinks. So come on out and get your craft on!