How Twilight Should Have Ended

Posted by kacates on January 4, 2011


(via bookshelves of doom)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by kacates on November 23, 2010

As we head into the Thanksgiving weekend, let's take a moment to stop and reflect on all the things we're thankful for. I'll go first: Among other things, I give thanks for silly animal videos on YouTube. Here's my new favorite:



Hyperactive Japanese pudding ad

Posted by kacates on October 14, 2010



Anybody else want some pudding now?  (From Boing Boing)

Your Tuesday afternoon Cute Bunnies in Cups pick-me-up.

Posted by kacates on October 5, 2010


You're welcome.

"Enjoy" this "post".

Posted by kacates on September 24, 2010

Today is National Punctuation Day! You can celebrate by visiting a couple of my favorite online pedants, the “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks and Apostrophe Abuse. Oh, and don't forget to correct someone's punctuation mistakes as obnoxiously as possible!