Renewing Items

Where to Renew


Almost any item that you can renew at the Front Desk can be renewed online.

One exception is DVDs, since you must pay an additional dollar to keep a DVD for an additional week.

The other exception is overdue items, since renewing these items requires a staff override.

Learn more about your online account here.

At the Front Desk

To renew an item at the front desk, you’ll need to have either the item or your library card with you.

Over the Phone

You may also renew items over the phone by calling our Front Desk at 309-452-1757.

Please be sure to have your library card number ready.

By Text

You can get notices about items that are coming due and can reply to the text to renew the items.

Learn about our free Shoutbomb service and get started here.

Renewing Most Items

Almost all items can be renewed one time if no other patron has a hold on the item.

The checkout length for renewal is the same as the original check-out length.  So if you renew a book that would normally check out for three weeks, it will be due back three weeks from the day that you renewed it.

7-Day Books

You may renew 7-Day Books if no other patron has a hold on the item.

It’s a good idea, though, to keep in mind that since 7-Day Books are generally our newest and most popular books, there is a good chance that your item will have a hold on it.


You may renew a DVD once for one more week by paying an additional dollar.

DVDs can only be renewed at the Front Desk – not online or over the phone – since an additional dollar is required.

You do not need to have the DVD with you to renew it.  If you don’t bring the DVD, be sure to bring your library card or photo ID.


AV Materials

All AV materials – CDs, DVDs, video and computer games, audiobooks, etc. – can be renewed.

Overdue Items

You may renew an overdue item as long as you have not received a billing notice for the item.

You’ll need to call or come in to the library to renew overdue items, since renewing them requires a staff override.  Overdue items cannot be renewed online.

You will be responsible for the fines accrued on the item between the time that the it became overdue and the time that you renewed it.

You can learn more about fines here.

Items with Holds

If another patron has placed a hold on an item, it cannot be renewed.

Items from Bloomington Public Library

If you check out an item at the Bloomington Public Library using your Normal card, you will need to renew that item through the BPL.

You can call them at 309-828-6091 to find out more.

Items from Other Libraries

If you place a hold on an item and it comes in from another library for you to pick up here and check out on your Normal Public Library card, you can generally renew the item according to the same rules as our own items.

Different libraries in the system, though, have different rules.  We cannot guarantee that you will be able to renew an item from another library.