Text Message Notifications

About Text Message Notifications

You can sign up to receive text messages to notify you when items are soon due or overdue, when your holds are available, and more using our Shoutbomb service.

You can even respond to these messages to renew items!

Before signing up, please keep in mind that standard texting rates apply.

What You’ll Need

You’ll need:

  • A mobile phone that can send text messages to an email address.
  • Your Normal Public Library library card number (D03…)
  • The PIN for your library account.

Getting Started

Send a text message to rsacat@shoutbomb.com with this as your message:

SIGNUP+[Your Library Card Number]+[Your PIN]

You’ll need the + signs, but not the brackets. Confusing? Here’s an example:


You should be all signed up! Good work!

Message Settings

If you want to get fancy, you can change your message settings by texting these commands to rsacat@shoutbomb.com and then following instructions:

  • NOTICES  See your current on/off status for each type of notice.
  • HOLDS  Toggle your holds notices off and on.
  • RENEW  Toggle your courtesy notices about items that are due soon off and on.
  • OVERDUE  Toggle your overdue notices off and on.
  • FEES  Toggle your notices about fines and fees off and on.

Other Commands

You can get even fancier. Visit this information page on the Shoutbomb service to find more text commands.