System-Wide Holds

“System-Wide Holds” is our term for holds placed on items from other libraries in our system.

Items for System-Wide Holds

You may place a system-wide hold on any book that is over a year old.

We cannot do system-wide holds on new items or any items other than books.

Placing a System-Wide Hold

Placing a system-wide hold works just like placing a hold on an item that we own.

Learn more about placing holds here.

Finding Books in Our Online Catalog

If we don’t own a book, it can be a little trickier to find it in our online catalog.

If you do a search in the catalog and your book doesn’t turn up, you’ll need to change your search settings so that you search more than just the NPL.

You can do this from your page of results by scrolling to the bottom of the page and finding the Search Again box.

Or you can change the setting before you even search.

You’ll see a box that says ‘Normal Public Library.’  If you click on the arrow on the right side of this box, you’ll get a drop-down list.  Scroll all the way to the top of this list to select ‘Search All Libraries.’  You’re all set!

Once you find a book in our catalog, you can place a hold on it the same way you would for an item that we own.

Find out more about placing holds online here.

Please note that the search that you’ll see at the top of each page of the library website can only be used to search the NPL.  You’ll have to click the Advanced Search link next to it or select ‘Our Catalog’ from the menu to find this option.

Bloomington Patrons and System-Wide Holds

Bloomington Public Library is not officially part of the same system as the NPL.  For this reason, Bloomington patrons are not able to place system-wide holds at the NPL.

Bloomington patrons may make requests for materials from other libraries through the BPL.

Checking Out an Item from Another Library

Checking this book out will work just like checking out a book that we own.  The checkout period and the fines if it is overdue will be the same and you can return it here.