Placing a Hold

If you’re looking for an item that isn’t on the shelf at the moment, or even an item that we don’t have, you can place a hold and we’ll let you know when it comes in for you.

Items for Hold

You may place any Normal Public Library item on hold, including DVDs.

For items that the NPL doesn’t have, the rules are a little different.

You can find out more about these “system-wide holds” here.

Placing a Hold at the Front Desk

We’ll make it easy for you!  Just let us know the item that you’d like to get in and we’ll take care of it.

We’ll need either your library card or a photo ID when you place the hold.

Placing a Hold Online

Placing a hold online is pretty easy, too.

You can use our online catalog to see if an item is in.

You should see a big red button on the left side of the screen, probably under the picture of the item, that says ‘Place Hold.’

When you click on this button, you’ll be asked for some information.

Library Card Number – You’ll find this number on the back of your library card.  If you’re a Normal patron, it’ll start with D03…

PIN – Find out more about your PIN here.

Pickup At – You’ll probably want to pick up the item at the NPL, but you can pick it up at a different library if you’d prefer.

Expiration Date – If you know that you won’t want the item after a certain date, you can set your hold request to expire.  The default is one year.

Suspension Start and End Dates – If you know that you don’t want the item or couldn’t pick it up during certain dates – say, if you were going on vacation – you can set your hold request to be suspended during that time.


Checking on and Canceling a Hold

You can check on a hold or cancel one by calling or stopping by the library or through your online account.

Learn more about your online account here.

Notices about Holds

If you have an email address in our system, then we will email you when your item comes in.

If you do not have an email address in our system, then we will call you when your item comes in.

You can add, change, or remove the email address on your account by calling or stopping by the Front Desk or through your online account.

Picking Up Your Hold

We’ll keep your hold item for you for one week.

You can pick it up at the Holds Shelves just inside the north entrance, to the right of the Front Desk.

You’ll also need a library card or photo ID to check out.

Hold Items from Other Libraries

If we can get a book for you faster by having it sent from another library, we’ll sometimes do that.

Checking this book out will work just like checking out a book that we own.  The checkout period and the fines if it is overdue will be the same and you can return it here.

Items on Our Shelves

If an item is on our shelves, it may not be a good idea to place a hold on it online.  Another patron can easily check out the item before we get notice that you put a hold on it.

It’s a better idea to call the library and ask us to pull the item and hold it for you.  We’d be happy to!