Community Room & Board Room

The Community Room is a large multipurpose room on the lower level of the library that is used for library programs.

The Community Room is also available to the public. Try reserving a room for your next meeting with our online reservation system. Request a room today.

Using the Community Room & Board Room

Members of the public are welcome to reserve the Community Room or Board Room for events and meetings.

In order to qualify, the event must be free and open to the public and must be of a civic, cultural, or educational character.  Meetings may not be for commercial or strictly social purposes.

There is no charge for using these spaces.

Reserving a Space

To reserve a space, you will need to request a room online and then submit a signed application form.

You can print the Community Room/Board Room application here or pick one up at the Front Desk.

You will need to reserve the room at least one week before your event and no more than six months in advance. Please remember that your request for space is only confirmed when you receive an approval message from us.

Scheduling Recurring Events

You may use the Community Room for recurring meetings, but we do ask that you limit your use to no more than four meetings in a one year period, and preferably not more than once in a three-month period.

Resources in the Community Room

The Community Room is equipped with microphones, a podium, a sound system, a rear digital projector for showing DVDs, a dry-erase board, and Wi-Fi.

Please be sure to ask about using these resources at the time that you apply for the room.

If you would like to make a presentation that involves projecting your computer screen, you will need to bring in a computer and the necessary adapters to connect the computer to the projector via VGA.

Setup of Tables and Chairs

We will provide tables and chairs but we ask that you set them up how you would like them.


If you would like to have refreshments at your event, please be sure to ask when you first reserve the room.  Refreshments must be approved by the Library Director.

We’re sorry, but meals are not allowed.

Sales & Donations

We do not allow any items to be sold in the Community Room.

We also prohibit the collection of donations for any organization.

Group Size

The room holds a maximum of 150 people.

Because of the high demand for the Community Room, we discourage its use for groups of under ten people.


We like to make sure that on-site parking is available for our library patrons, so we do request that anyone attending outside functions in the Community Room please park in the College Avenue Parking Deck.

Please help us out by asking your attendees to park there.  It is free to library users, easy to use, and very close to the library.

Learn more about the College Avenue Parking Deck here.

More Information

More information is available on our Community Room application.