College Avenue Parking Deck

See a map with the College Avenue Parking Deck here.

Parking at the Deck

There are hundreds of spots in the deck.

You can enter directly from Mulberry Street or College Avenue at the east end of the building, or through Heartland Bank’s parking lot on the west end of the building.

If you are in our lot and find that it is full, you can turn right into the Heartland Bank parking lot and access the deck from there.

Walking to the Library

Please be sure to be safe as you walk to and from the library.  The Heartland Bank parking lot is very busy and has a lot of through-traffic.  It is not wise to cut through this lot.

There are sidewalks leading from the deck all the way to the library on both the Mulberry Street and College Avenue sides.

The sidewalk on the College Avenue side has some steep inclines, so if that may be a problem for you, you may want to stick to the Mulberry Street side.


The deck is always free to you while you are using the library.

It is also free to everyone after 6:00 pm every day and all day Sunday.

And, it’s always free for the first hour.

Other times, parking costs $1 an hour

Parking Vouchers

Any time that you are using the library, you may get a voucher for free parking at the deck.

As you enter the lot, the machine at the entrance will prompt you to take a ticket.  Be sure to bring this ticket into the library with you.

When you are ready to leave the library, ask at the Front Desk for a voucher.  We will need to see your ticket at this time.

You won’t need a voucher if:

* You park for less than an hour.
* You park after 5:00 pm.
* It is a Sunday.

As you are driving out of the lot, insert your original ticket into the machine at the exit.  Follow the ticket with the voucher that we gave you at the library.

The gate will go up and you can drive out!