The Normal Public Library Foundation

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Giving Tuesday

Annual Campaign

The Normal Public Library Foundation is engaged in their first annual campaign, and their goal is to raise $50,000 to be used to improve the first floor of the library.

These improvements will include new and improved collaborative areas, increased displays for new materials, and additional seating.

Want to help? Follow the link above to donate now. Thanks!

What We Do

The Normal Public Library Foundation’s purpose is to support the library by funding projects and developing relationships within our community.

You can learn more about the Foundation by reading this Pantagraph article.

Who We Are

Pam Lewis

Vice President
Jane Beal

Michael Stivers

Tim Ervin

Marc Tucci
Elaine Goldfarb
Larry Horvath
Jess Ray
Joan Steinburg
Terry Lindberg

How You Can Help

The Foundation is just starting out and could really use your help!  Talk to a board member about how to get involved.  Or email us at

Making a Donation

The Foundation depends on generous patrons like you to continue to make the Normal Public Library as great as it can be.

Learn more about making a donation here.