Offsite Book Drops

For Your Convenience

The library offers five off-site bookdrops that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We also have two on-site book drops – one is right in the side of the building and on the left as you enter from the parking lot. The other is in our parking lot, across the drive from our door so that you can return materials from your driver’s side window.

Pickup from Book Drops

We generally pick up the materials from the book drops a few times every week.

If you drop an item off at a book drop, it remains on your account until it is retrieved and brought back to the library by staff. When we check the item back in, we’ll pre-date to a time before our last pick up.

So if you check your online account and see the item still there or if you get an email saying that it’s coming due or overdue, it may be due to when and where you returned the item.


You’ll find book drops at:

301 S Veterans Parkway, Normal, IL 

901 S Cottage Avenue, Normal, IL

The Community Activity Center
1110 Douglas Street, Normal, IL

1750 Bradford Lane, Normal, IL

Shepard Park CLOSED
750 N Hershey Rd, Normal, IL


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